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Anniversary Grant

Process to Apply & Eligibility
All applications must be submitted electronically. Paper applications will NOT be accepted. All applicants will create an account with login credentials allowing work to be saved and continued at a later date. Only GISD employees are eligible to submit applications. A student or parent should never complete an application for funding from GEF. All projects must directly benefit GISD students and align with GEF’s mission to enrich the educational experience and prepare students for the future.

Deadline for Grant Submission (online): November 29, by 11:59 PM

What is the 20th Anniversary Grant? To commemorate the 20th year of the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation (GEF), the foundation will award up to $25,000 for a program/ project at one of our 11 campuses. As part of the selection process, the GEF will host a pitch night for all district finalists. Similar to a Shark Tank competition, teams of finalists will develop a presentation and pitch a project in need of funding to a panel of judges. Finalists who make it to this round will be notified in January. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Anniversary Grant is to identify and fund unique, transformative, sustainable programs for a school campus or department that is deemed more effective and timely if funded at a higher level.  It is the expectation that the grant is for programs that are exceptionally creative and innovative which, if awarded, will significantly enhance the educational experience for GISD students.  The selection criteria will be more rigorous and, based on the merit of the application and in competition with other applications.

Who can participate? All GISD campuses: elementary, middle and high school are eligible to participate. Applications may also be submitted by a department (i.e. Fine Arts).

Objectives for this program are:

  • Fund a one-time larger scale project/grant to further GEF’s mission, and to commemorate 20 years of service to GISD.    
  • Prioritize innovative initiatives that also support the mission of the district.
  • Impact the quality of education for students.
  • Stimulate collaborative creativity around education and learning.
  • Promote equitable learning environments.


Checklist for grant application submission.

All submissions must include the following attachments:

1.    Completed Grant Budget Spreadsheet - Click here to download

2.    Grant Application

3.    Letter of support from campus Principal

4.    Proof of support and official quote from GISD’s MIS Department (Esther Soto – for technology requests. (if necessary)

5.    Proof of support from GISD’s Director of Facilities (Paul Byers – for any project that requires installation or alteration of a building in any way.  (if necessary)

6.    Curriculum Support Letter. Proof of support from the GISD Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning (Vikki Curry - (if necessary)


Things to Avoid:

Generally, funds will not be awarded for:

1.    Capital improvements

2.    Salaries and fees for speakers

3.    iPads, Chromebooks, etc.

4.    Subscription services/renewals

5.    Snacks or refreshments

6.    Awards and trophies

7.    T-shirts (and other single- use items)

8.    Airfare, hotel, food, transportation or other travel expenses


Other Guidelines:

1.    Make sure to include additional costs for shipping or a written statement for free shipping.

2.    Please keep in mind, that grants will not be fully implemented until the following school year (2022-2023).  

3.    Follow Galveston ISD purchasing guidelines, including use of approved Galveston ISD vendors.  

4.    Consult with your school’s financial secretary before the budget is submitted.

5.    Items purchased using grant funds belong to a campus unless the GEF board and principal approves a transfer to another campus.


If you have any questions, please contact the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation at

  • United Way of Galveston
    United Way of Galveston
  • Moody PEF
    Moody PEF
  • Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
    Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
  • Dr. Leon Bromberg Charitable Trust
    Dr. Leon Bromberg Charitable Trust

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